• About NLC

About NLC

National Laser Company (NLC), the innovator in laser replacement since 1987, is a global leader in laser manufacturing, laser repair and laser design. Our expertise and experience in building replacement lasers for major OEM laser users throughout the world has put us in an ideal marketing and engineering position – as a service and maintenance leader for the OEM capital equipment in which lasers are used.

Laser-based OEM equipment sold throughout the world is quite specialized, technical, complex and expensive. To successfully manufacture or repair lasers for this equipment, specialized engineering knowledge of laser design and optical light paths is mandatory.

The engineering team at NLC has a combined knowledge and experience base of well over 100 years – which allows us to properly design, manufacture, repair and replace lasers. When we first established NLC, a portion of our business came from replacing expired Ion laser tubes with our new manufactured tubes in systems made by other laser companies. These companies include: Coherent, Spectra Physics, American Laser, Uniphase (JDSU), Lexel and NEC (Showa).

We understand that OEM clients are often looking for more than an off-the-shelf laser. What they often need is a laser vendor that is willing to take the time to fully understand their specific requirements and then work with them to create broader photonic solutions. To this end, National Laser is dedicated to working hand-in-hand with our clients to achieve comprehensive solutions for them.

Today we continue to build on our impressive track record of servicing and designing laser products for companies like IBM, Xerox, USA Today and others.

Product Advantages and Benefits

National Laser offers you more advantages than other laser manufacturers.

  • Broad laser product line - including: DPSS lasers, Diode lasers, and Argon lasers - in violet, blue, green, and red wavelengths.
  • Superior laser operating parameters with excellent lifetimes and proven reliability.
  • Extensive laser customization - including opto-electronic component and laser integration.
  • High production capacity.
  • Impressive customer service with short lead-times, on-time order shipments, and fast problem resolutions.
  • An exceptional warranty.

NLC is a privately owned, USA-based corporation with worldwide customers and business partners.