• Key Markets

Key Markets


Biotechnology and Life Science


National Laser specializes in lasers for the biotechnology instrument industry. The excellent beam quality and pointing stability of our lasers coupled with their exceptionally low optical noise, make them ideally suited for biotech applications such as capillary electrophoresis, Raman spectroscopy, confocal microscopy, particle counting, flow cytometry, biological fluorescence, and cell sorting.


Our diode-pumped solid state and argon lasers achieve the beam pointing stability and low noise specifications required in the most demanding biotech applications. Simply put, whatever your biotech application, we have the ideal visible wavelength laser for you.

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Image Recording


National Laser is a leading provider of visible wavelength lasers and other optoelectronic components to OEM’s in the image recording industry – and has been for almost three decades.

Our lasers are currently operating in high-volume laser printers, large-format color photo reprographic equipment, semiconductor mask plotters, laser color separation equipment and laser photo finishing systems.


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Semiconductor Inspection Equipment


National Laser has supplied lasers to semiconductor inspection equipment manufacturers since 1992. We often work closely with OEM customers to provide tailored alignment, optical, electronic and servicing solutions that meet customers' unique requirements.

With manufacturing and distribution partners in Europe and Asia, we can offer complete system wide laser solutions to semiconductor inspection equipment companies worldwide.


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Additional Applications


National Laser Company also supplies visible wavelength lasers for a wide variety of other applications.

Some of these include basic research, disk mastering, medical diagnostic instrumentation, food processing, and alignment.



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Design and Integration


Through developing long-term partnerships with our clients and by providing them with optimized laser solutions, National Laser has naturally evolved from laser manufacturing to optoelectronic component and system design and integration.

We understand that OEM clients are often looking for more than an off-the-shelf laser. What they often need is a laser vendor that is willing to take the time to fully understand their specific requirements and then work with them to create broader photonic solutions. To this end, National Laser is dedicated to working hand-in-hand with our clients to achieve comprehensive solutions for them.

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