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Fuji Frontier 375 Laser Replacement and Repair

National Laser has established a reputation of improving upon original design in order to advance laser performance and lifetimes. Our quality controls and manufacturing procedures are designed to help deliver consistent results whether your concern is over one laser or a thousand.

Fujifilm Frontier 375: A High-Capacity Minilab for the Digital World

Despite their compact size, the Frontier 375 delivers impressive overall speed and processing capacity. The output of the Frontier 375 is approximately1,600 prints per hour at the 3R print size and 1,450 print per hour at the 4R print size. The world of digital imaging is here and today’s customers are more demanding than ever before. Keeping them happy is something that the Frontier 375 minilab was designed to do. Whether your customers order prints from digital cameras, digital media or regular film, the Frontier 375 delivers the same extraordinarily high image quality that Fujifilm has built its reputation on. And the proprietary image-enhancement software of the Frontier 375 creates optimal prints from any input source, maintaining quality with sophisticated features like infrared-scan-based scratch and dust elimination. Even better, it’s all so simple to use – the new graphical interface helps you – and your customers – get the most out of the Frontier 375

The Technology Behind the Frontier 375 Superior Image Quality

In the Frontier 375, images are rapidly converted to a high-precision digital format, using Fujifilm’s exclusive Area CCD system, which incorporates large octagonal photodiodes arranged in an efficient honeycomb pattern. Despite its small size, the system delivers exceptional performance – with ultra-high resolution (up to an effective equivalent of 24 mega-pixels), excellent S/N ratio, and high scanning speed. The new special LED on the Frontier 375 provides a consistently high-quality light source, lasts longer and consumes less power.

Image Intelligence (Digital Image Processing)

Prior to the printing stage, image data is processed by an extensive array of image-enhancement software that optimizes final print quality while compensating for problematic photographic conditions – correcting poor lighting and enhancing skin tones for more natural-looking digital prints. This proprietary Frontier 375 technology is known as “image intelligence” and it’s the result of Fujifilm’s long years of experience in the digital image-processing field.

Digital Output

The high-speed laser exposure unit on the Frontier 375 uses a Fujifilm-developed Green DPSS (Diode Pumped Solid State) Laser and a new Waveguide-type Blue SHG Laser to produce exceptionally sharp, high-resolution images and pure, vivid colors, which result from the laser’s tight beam and narrow wavelength characteristics.

A Perfectly Simple Icon-Based User Interface Make Operations Remarkably Easy

The Frontier 375 introduces a new, significantly improved operations system that’s easier than ever to use. Procedural steps and optional choices are all clearly laid out on screen, and context-specific help is provided for each screen and for each step of every operation. Run-time messages are precise and informative, pointing out any out-of-the-ordinary situations. The system is clear and straightforward enough that even inexperienced staff can get the most out of the Frontier 375, without special training.

The Flexible Setup of the Frontier 375 Meets Your Ever Changing Digital-Imaging Requirement

As digital technologies evolve and grow, the Frontier 375 allows you to adapt your business to growing consumer demands. The Frontier 375 handles a full range of digital camera storage media and other digital media, using various image-data formats. And output options are just as varied, with special print formats such as calendars and decorative album print.


All Fuji Frontier laser repairs include an exceptional warranty.

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