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Fuji Frontier 390 Laser Replacement and Repair

National Laser Company offers laser repair on Fujifilm’s Digital Minilab Frontier 390. National Laser has established a reputation of improving upon original design in order to advance laser performance and lifetimes. Our quality controls and manufacturing procedures are designed to help deliver consistent results whether your concern is over one laser or a thousand.

Fujifilm Frontier 390: Outstanding Flexibility and Ample Capacity for Today’s Digital Imaging Demands

Today’s customers are seeking a wider range of imaging services than ever before – using conventional films, digital still cameras and every type of computer-manipulated image. Fujifilm’s Digital Minilab Frontier 390 was designed to answer these needs, with extra-large capacity and fast throughput, simple and flexible operation, and the superior level of image quality you’ve come to expect from Fujifilm. Built around advanced CCD line scanner and solid-state laser exposure systems and sophisticated image-enhancement technologies, the Frontier 390 represents the evolution of proven silver-halide technology in a totally integrated digital setting. With the Frontier 390, you and your customers can now take advantage of the quality, expandability and capacity that this new digital world has to offer. Besides remarkably high print quality, the Frontier 390 provides extraordinary speed and capacity – up to approximately 1,900 prints per hour in semi-automatic mode and 2,300 prints per hour in automatic mode with NF2500AG. The optional Automatic Film Feeder NF250AG lets you feed up to twenty 135-size negatives into the scanner at one time.

Simple Operation

The exclusive one-channel print system of the Frontier 390 simplifies operation by eliminating the need for manual channel selections and film-speed adjustment, and the one-touch chemical replenishment system is a single-cartridge chemical for clean, fast and error-free replenishment tasks.

Maximize Your Investment in the Frontier 390

The Frontier 390 has been engineered to provide maximum speed and throughput. Many of the operations are automatic and simple, so you can provide less waiting and faster processing. Another efficiency-boosting feature is the automatic sorting system of the Frontier 390 – which is a standard accessory. Prints for 25 different orders are sorted and stacked for easy filing and delivery. The Frontier 390 produces prints in a variety of popular sizes, up to 8RW (8x12 inches), includibng 3R/4R and A4 sizes. Paper supply is by roll paper, up to 8 inches wide.

5000 Pixel High-Speed CCD Line Scanner

Fujifilm’s unique scanning system is built around a high-performance CCD that reads three colors simultaneously. The Frontier 390 scans images from film and rapidly converts them to high-precision digital formats. The Frontier 390 performs high-speed image adjustment and automated corrections that would be impossible without digital technology – everything from the suppression of grainy appearance to the enhancement of facial expressions.

Versatile Print Format with the Frontier 390

Whether they use conventional film or digital media, whether they order standard sizes or special formats, your customer will appreciate the fact that the Frontier 390 is ready to handle all their photo-processing needs – and you’ll appreciate just how easy it is to offer them the services they’re looking for. Taking advantage of the Frontier 390 full-digital characteristics, Fujifilm Network Service offers convenient and very appealing services that allow customers in their homes to view their processed photos. The Frontier 390 comes with a comprehensive standard package of image-processing software to smartly compensate for difficult lighting situations, enhance photo sharpness and provide certain specialized services such as monochrome printing. The Frontier 390 system was designed to make every aspect of production as automatic and straightforward as possible, so that any type of user can create great prints without any specialized training.


All Fuji Frontier laser repairs include an exceptional warranty.

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