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Fuji Frontier 500 Laser Replacement and Repair

National Laser Company offers laser repair on Fujifilm’s Digital Minilab Frontier 500. National Laser has established a reputation of improving upon original design in order to advance laser performance and lifetimes. Our quality controls and manufacturing procedures are designed to help deliver consistent results whether your concern is over one laser or a thousand.

Fujifilm’s Frontier 500: The Frontier 500 is Compact, Fast and Beautiful

The film scanner and Imaging Controller of the Frontier 500 are separate units, permitting a variety of flexible layout options. The printer occupies a mere 9 square feet of floor space – for easy installation anywhere. The combined Frontier 500 system has a footprint of approximately 10 square feet – a significant reduction compared to existing single-unit models. The compact Frontier 500 can produce up to 800 prints per hour (4R size), ample capacity for a growing business. A single order (24 prints at 4R size) can be processed in only 3 minutes and 44 seconds. The combination of Fujifilm’s proprietary Frontier 500 hardware, processing chemicals and photographic paper significantly boost processing speed, achieving a dry-to-dry time of just 87 seconds for a 4R size print.

Beautiful Images Delivered Quickly and Automatically

Fujifilm’s nearly seven decades of accumulated knowledge have gone into the extensive array of digital image-processing software incorporated into the Frontier 500. “Image Intelligence” automatically compensates for poor lighting and other problematic conditions, and it also makes skin tones more natural and human facial expressions more distinct. With the Frontier 500, red-eye correction is now fully automated, so there’s no need to halt the production flow to make manual selections or adjustments. Sophisticated image algorithms of the Frontier 500 read every single frame as its being processed and distinguish precisely between human faces and other visual subject matter - indentifying only the human faces with red-eyes.

The Frontier 500 Offers a Streamlined System for Print Services

Consisting of separate input scanner and printer units, the new Frontier 500 configuration can be tailored to meet a variety of business models, offering the opportunity to introduce quality digital camera print services with a minimal investment. The compact, space-saving Fujifilm Frontier 500 Digital Minilab System offers an affordable way to launch a digital camera print processing business. And with its high-speed, high-capacity performance, the Frontier 500 can keep up with rapidly growing demand. Designed with a host of labor-saving features, the separate input/output configuration also permits expansion of the basic system. Achieving new savings in energy consumption, the Frontier 500 makes it easier than ever to offer high-quality digital camera print services. GetPix Kiosk in-store order processing terminals can be connected directly to the Frontier 500, enabling customers to place their own digital camera print orders – eliminating the need for staff to fill out order forms. The PIC is a fully integrated system interface for Frontier 500 operations. Print orders from digital media can be tracked and processed on a single screen – making it possible to expand the Frontier 500 system to meet demand for a diverse range of specialized print services. The compact Frontier 500 is capable of outputting a wide variety of print formats on various media. Customers can order prints as large as 8 inches. Thanks to Fujifilm’s proprietary Image Intelligence image processing technology prints are optimized to ensure beautiful results and satisfied customers.


All Fuji Frontier laser repairs include an exceptional warranty.

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