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Fuji Frontier 570 Laser Replacement and Repair

National Laser Company offers laser repair on Fujifilm’s Digital Minilab Frontier 570. National Laser has established a reputation of improving upon original design in order to advance laser performance and lifetimes. Our quality controls and manufacturing procedures are designed to help deliver consistent results whether your concern is over one laser or a thousand.

Fujifilm’s Frontier 570: Super High-Speed Digital Processing with High-Level Capacity and Efficiency

Fujifilm’s Digital Minilab Systems Frontier 570 represents a quantum leap in customer retail services. Instead of one-hour service or same-day service – now your customers hand over their film or digital media and receive their finished prints minutes later. The Frontier 570 also delivers the highest image quality ever from a Frontier lab system – with advanced image enhancement and improved print resolution. Your shop can look forward to seeing more satisfied customers, as the new features of the Frontier 570 create expanded opportunities for your business.

A New Threshold in High-Speed Production – “Prints in Minutes” Service

Increased processing capacity allows you to handle more business and offer faster services to your customers. The Frontier 570 processes 1,700 4R size prints per hour. The Frontier 570 and its faster across-the-board processing using Type II paper (including dry-to-dry time of only one minute, 22 seconds) now drop-off, processing, and pick-up can be accomplished in a single trip. Fujicolor Crystal Archive Paper Type II is recommended as the optimum color print paper for the Frontier 570 – which offer faster results along with superior print quality. The Frontier 570 offers a wider range of print sizes – up to 12 x 18 inches. The Frontier 570 is set up to produce large-size prints used by professional photographers – enabling you to offer services to this segment of the market. The Frontier 570 is also extremely compact, requiring only 68 square feet for an installation. The three sided maintenance gives you greater flexibility and space efficiency in the physical layout of your store. The sophisticated image-enhancing software of the Frontier 570 helps achieve your customer’s photographic visions in their prints – with full red-eye correction and scratch and dust elimination.

Speedy “Prints in Minutes” Service

Complete processing in only minutes in possible with the Frontier 570. The Frontier 570 delivers the highest processing speed (for a single order) ever offered by a Frontier lab system. In addition, the Frontier 570 makes significant leaps in throughput, meaning you’ll be able to handle more business in general and offer better service during peak hours.

Seven Decades of Accumulated Knowledge

Fujifilm’s nearly seven decades of accumulated knowledge have gone in to the extensive array of digital image-processing software incorporated in the Frontier 570. Red-eye correction is now fully automated, in that every single frame is analyzed with sophisticated image algorithms to precisely distinguish between human faces and other visual subject matter.

Frontier 570 Print Manager Controller Can Dramatically Increase Processing Capacity

Frontier 570 print manager can be installed without having to change most of the Frontier 570 systems, so you get maximum processing efficiency and capacity at minimal costs. With the print manager, the Frontier 570 is also flexible enough to cope with ever-diversifying print services and increased volume. Better time management for orders is possible with the Frontier 570 and the use of color coded icons that inform the user of approaching “due by” time for pending orders. The icon-based operations system of the Frontier 570 is designed for maximum usability, even by inexperienced staff – without additional and special training. The Frontier 570 runs continuous self-diagnostic routines during the course of ordinary operation and full diagnostic information is available in real time.

More Processing Capacity in Less Space

In spite of their greater processing capacities, the Frontier 570 is more compact than their predecessors. Along with engineering improvement, the energy-consumption profile of the Frontier 570 has been readjusted and optimized to reflect the most common usage patterns. The end result is an energy savings of approximately 50% in energy saving mode and up to 40% in standard mode from the older Frontier models to the new Frontier 570. The Frontier 570 offers a choice of either a 14 or a 24-order sorter. The Frontier 570 comes with two built-in paper magazines which can now handle sizes up to 12 inches.


All Fuji Frontier laser repairs include an exceptional warranty.

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