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Fuji Frontier 590 Laser Replacement and Repair

National Laser Company offers laser repair on Fujifilm’s Digital Minilab Frontier 590. National Laser has established a reputation of improving upon original design in order to advance laser performance and lifetimes. Our quality controls and manufacturing procedures are designed to help deliver consistent results whether your concern is over one laser or a thousand.

Fujifilm’s Frontier 590: The Frontier 590 Boosts Your Business and Takes it to a Higher Plane

The next-generation Digital Minilab Frontier 590 model sets a new standard for high-speed processing, without sacrificing the print quality that customers have come to expect from Frontier. A high-speed laser exposure system and Fujifilm’s proprietary Image Intelligence image processing produce exceptionally high-quality, high-resolution prints with pure, vivid colors. In combination with Fujifilm’s proprietary paper and chemicals, the Frontier 590 makes it possible to offer speedy “Prints in Minutes” service – which means more satisfied customers coming more often to your store. The next-generation, all-around digital minilab Frontier 590 has a processing capacity of 1,800 prints per hour for a 4R size image, with a small footprint of only 1.4 square meters and a power consumption of only 396 kW per hour.

New Frontier 590 User Interface

The Frontier 590 features a new user interface the combines Film Scanner and Imaging Controller order entry functions, facilitating input and processing of both film and digital camera orders via a single screen. Installation of the FE software dramatically boosts the capacity of the Frontier 590 to process large amounts of high-resolution digital camera data. The Frontier 590 has been engineered for greater productivity. Other elements include the high-speed conveyor belt, the highly efficient multi-path chemical processing system and the fast yet energy-efficient drying system.

Crystal Archive Paper

Strongly recommended as the optimum color print paper for the Frontier 590, Fuji color Crystal Archive Paper Type II paper offers the fastest results and tremendous print image quality. The CP-49E chemical system of the Frontier 590 guarantees time-saving efficiency. One-touch chemical mixing provides simple, clean and safe processing.

Complete Processing in Just a Few Minutes

The Frontier 590 will deliver the fastest “single order” processing speed ever. Your customers will receive beautiful, full-quality prints while they wait. In addition, the Frontier 590 makes huge jumps in throughput – so you’ll be able to handle more print business, especially during peak operation hours. The latest version of the Image Intelligence software that runs on the Frontier 590 offers an expanded range of image correction features. These include: gradation adjustment, sharpness enhancement, soft-filter treatment and other image processing functions. You get the most sophisticated image processing technology to make it easy to provide high-quality prints for your customers.

Frontier Manager Printer Controller

The Frontier Manager Printer Controller (FMPCII) on the Frontier 590 can potentially increase processing capacity by up to 40%. You get enhanced production and capacity through simultaneous processing. Film and digital image processing on the Frontier 590 can be performed at the same time to eliminate waiting for input and utilize the maximum production capacity of the output unit. Combing the scheduling function of the FMPCII on the Frontier 590 lets you group orders by print width to reduce the number of paper magazine changes. With FMPCII, the Frontier 590 is also flexible enough to cope with ever-diversifying print services and increased volume.

The Frontier 590 Runs Continuous Self-Diagnostics

The Frontier 590 runs continuous self-diagnostic routines during a normal daily operation period. It also runs a full diagnostic whenever you select it. Potential problems trigger an onscreen alert, so you can get to them and fix them as quickly as possible. The Frontier 590 is also far more compact than previous Frontier models. You’ll get greater flexibility in your store – thanks to the three sided maintenance configurations available. The Frontier 590 is available with a seven-order sorter, which is top-mounting. This eliminates the need for additional footprint space. The Frontier 590 also comes with two integrated paper magazine to help with multiple size job switches. The 12-inch paper magazine is wider than previous models plus it’s 10% lighter weight.


All Fuji Frontier laser repairs include an exceptional warranty.

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