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Noritsu 3011

Noritsu 3011 Laser Replacement and Repair

National Laser offers laser repair on the Nortisu QSS-3011. We have established a reputation of improving upon original design in order to advance laser performance and lifetimes. Our quality controls and manufacturing procedures are designed to help deliver consistent results whether your concern is over one laser or a thousand.

Noritsu QSS 3011

The Noritsu QSS 3011 digital is an exciting new compact digital minilab that comes equipped with a compact printer-processor and a high speed, detached film scanner that provides digital processing of image data from multiple sources with surprising ease of operation.

The Noritsu 3011 Is Compact

With a footprint of just fifteen square feet, the Noritsu 3011 consists of a compact printer-processor with a detached film scanner. The space saving design makes installation easy.

High Capacity

The Noritsu QSS 3011 outperforms its compact size. No need to sacrifice processing speed for a compact design with fully digital operations. With the ability to process approximately 1,160 prints per hour at a 3.5”x5” size, the Noritsu 3011 digital outperforms other similarly sized digital minilabs.

The Noritsu 3011 Features Digital Processing

Because the Noritsu QSS 3011 minilab converts all scanned images into digital data, a wide range of correction measures can be applied to significantly improve contrast, sharpness and red-eye, as well as to minimize problems with exposure, backlighting, and flash photography. Negatives with dust and scratches can be automatically detected and corrected when the standard Digital ICE™ feature is employed.

High Quality Laser Exposure System

The Noritsu 3011 is equipped with a newly developed laser exposure system that utilizes Noritsu’s unique multi-paper matching technology. This enables high quality prints of 320dpi to be printed on both analog and digital paper.

The Noritsu 3011 Has a Simple User Interface

The easy-to-understand graphic user interface of the Noritsu 3011 simplifies the printing process so that even operators with limited experience are able to produce a wide range of prints. Icons representing the actual input/output media are displayed on the screen of the Noritsu QSS 3011 digital allowing you to check the progress of your orders by simply glancing at the main menu.

Easy Maintenance

The Noritsu 3011 reduces the time required for daily setup. Convenient features such as automatic water replenishment and automatic washing of the turn racks reduce the operator’s workload. In addition, the Noritsu QSS 3011 features an electronic operator’s manual which makes for simple diagnosis when a system error occurs. Simply press the "Help" button and the Noritsu 3011 digital responds with easy to understand instructions on how to deal with the specific error.


All Noritsu laser repairs include an exceptional warranty.

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