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Noritsu 3200

Noritsu 3200 Laser Replacement and Repair

National Laser Company offers laser repair on the Nortisu QSS-3200. We have established a reputation of improving upon original design in order to advance laser performance and lifetimes. Our quality controls and manufacturing procedures are designed to help deliver consistent results whether your concern is over one laser or a thousand.

The Noritsu 3200 is Faster

The Noritsu QSS-3200 series includes six different minilabs: the QSS-3211, 3212, 3213 Digital and the QSS-3202/03 Pro. The Noritsu 3200 series minilabs are equipped with a laser engine that employs Noritsu multi-paper-matching technology to make high-quality prints of 300dpi on both digital paper and conventional photographic paper. These minilabs boast a new maximum print size of 12 x 36-inches, which can be used to make composite prints, POP displays, group photos and more. This new print service will provide a whole new revenue stream to the shop owner, because the print size is twice as long as the conventional maximum print size. The Noritsu 3200 doesn’t have a lamp house like the older 2900s – which means that it was all digital inside. The Noritsu 3200 also has an additional third magazine option, which can be a huge time saving device – allowing you to print various sizes without stopping to change cartridges. The Noritsu 3200 unit is very east to maintain and offers the same user interface as other Noritsu QSS Minilabs. The streamlined setup process and reduced head cleaning decreases the time required for daily setup.

The Noritsu 3200 Has Higher Capacity

Each minilab in the Noritsu QSS 3200 series features a high-speed printer - each with a different output capacity. This lets the end user select the machine that best suits present and future output demands. The Noritsu QSS 3200 has a processing capacity of up to 1,620 prints per hour – for film and media. The Noritsu 3200’s film scanner has an LED light source that provides consistent scanning and requires very little maintenance.

The Noritsu 3200 Has New Software

The Noritsu 3200 also features new software with high-precision correction features this includes Kodak’s Digital Ice technology. With Digital Ice, end users can automatically remove dust, fingerprints, and scratches on scanned film – which is certain to be a customer pleaser. The Nortisu QSS-3200 series has an array of optional network components, which can be installed to enhance the workflow and increase the variety of digital services provided. These include: CD-R writing, image editing, additional value prints, and image storage.


All Noritsu laser repairs include an exceptional warranty.

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