• Noritsu Minilab

Noritsu 3500

National Laser Company offers laser repair on the Noritsu 3500 Minilab.

National Laser replacement and repair services feature quick turn around and affordable pricing. We realize when your printer is down for repair it is costing you money. We will do everything possible to get your laser back as soon as possible. We repair lasers for large photo machine manufacturers, large corporations, small repair companies, and small business owners.

For Greater Clarity and Sharpness

The laser optical section contains three lasers of solid state and semiconductor design. By producing Red, Green, and Blue light, they create an image on the light sensitive paper by exposing the layers (Cyan, Magenta, and Yellow, respectively) in a scanning pattern. Usually the failure is a laser which has worn out. We evaluate all three lasers and repair any that are not at peak performance. When you receive your repaired laser from National Laser Company, it will be ready to install and start printing with minimal setup and adjustment. We evaluate the complete unit and recondition or replace any parts necessary to return the unit to “like new” condition. Then we install each laser into a printer to verify proper operation. Our quality control checks and manufacturing procedures are designed to help deliver consistent results with small or large quantities. Our workmanship is backed by an exceptional warranty.

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