• Applied Bio Laser

Applied Bio Laser Replacement and Repair

National Laser Company offers replacement lasers and/or laser repair for the following ABI machines:

  • ABI 310
  • ABI 377
  • ABI 3130
  • ABI 7700
  • ABI 373
  • ABI 3100
  • ABI 3700
  • ABI 7900
  • ABI 3730
  • ABI 3730XL
  • ABI 3130XL


National Laser has established a reputation of improving upon original design in order to advance laser performance and lifetimes. Our quality controls and manufacturing procedures are designed to help deliver consistent results whether your concern is over one laser or a thousand.

When repairing the laser, National Laser replaces the existing laser tube with an entirely new laser tube. We upgrade the laser head and provide new laser warranties on every laser we refurbish.

Warranty Information

All repairs include an exceptional warranty.

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