• C61 Argon Laser

C61 Air-Cooled Argon Laser System

Cylindrical Design

The C61 argon laser has been engineered to meet today's most demanding OEM applications. Designed in an industry standard cylindrical package, the C61 minimizes vibration by utilizing remote cooling. The laser head was designed for quick field replacement and has been designed by NLC to offer tube replacement as well.

Beam Quality

The C61 provides unparalleled beam quality that is constant across output power levels and through fiber delivery systems. The laser incorporates the latest in internal mirror tube technology securing permanent beam allignment and eliminating contamination. The C61 also offers improved beam pointing stability, and low noise.

Special Notes

1. Specifications subject to change without notice.

2. When used with 9400 series or NLC 2200 series power supply.

3. Measurements taken in light control after 5 minute warm-up.

4. Nominal air flow is 65 CFM. Use McLean Engineering Model INB412 or equivalent fan rated for 185 CFM free air flow and 1.8 inches of water. Hose length not to exceed two meters.

PDF Downloads

C61 Laser Specifications

C61 Argon Laser User Manual