• New Tube Re-gas

New Tube vs Re-Gassing

New Tube Replacement

When refurbishing an argon laser head with a new tube, the primary component of the laser is entirely replaced. Matching the original specifications, National Laser replacement tubes are fit, form, and function compatible with the original design of the laser. National Laser's replacement tube designs result in improved performance and increased lifetimes over competitor's products. In addition to replacing the entire laser tube with new material, National Laser inspects, and if necessary, replaces damaged components in the laser head in order to offer a new laser warranty.

Tube vs Regassing

New Charge of Argon Gas

Simply adding gas to an argon tube will not restore the tube to original performance.

Not Replacing the Optic

The coating on the inside of the output or reflective optic deteriorates from high energy levels. In addition, deposits may form on the optic. This buildup and/or breakdown decreases beam quality and tube lifetimes.

Not Replacing the Cathode

Once the cathode fails due to deterioration, the tube will not light and will need replacement.

Contaminated Ceramic Bores

Material buildup and bore degradation occurs during the normal life of an ion laser. Once a tube reaches the end of life and is re-gassed, the buildup and degradation continues to decrease performance and shortens lifetime.